Family Bike Ride (Day 4)


For some reason our videos that feature Warheads get more views than most. I think we all like to watch other people suffer. Why is that? Is it because we don’t necessarily want to suffer but we are curious and it helps us mentally prepare ourselves for the die we might experience something similar? I don’t know.  I find this type of analysis interesting and that is part of why I enjoy posting videos to YouTube.  What makes people click on one video over another?  Click on this video and tell me why you did it. Lol!

Playing Sardines (Day 2)

Playing Sardines (Day 2)

One of our favorite games to play at home is Sardines.  It is like hide n’ seek but only one person hides and as people find them they have to hide with them. In many cases you end up getting packed into a hiding place like sardines! Thus the name. It didn’t take many people for me to get packed tightly under Jackson’s bed. It was a challenge getting in but I managed but when I had to back myself out I started to feel the sensation that I couldn’t breath and I panicked.  I eventually had to lift the bed up with my back and lean out get some fresh air.  Then all the kids helped lift while I got out.



I’ll admit.  I’m not a skilled musician.  I do love and appreciate good music though.  Sarah, on the other hand, has more skill than she likes to admit. She does a great job giving the kids opportunities to learn music.  For a school assignment, Jackson needed to make and instrument and do a presentation for it. Sarah found boomwhackers which are a lot of fun.  My vote was to have 3 different pitches and to not worry about being able to play a real song. I lost that debate.  We ended up making enough tones to play several different songs. We even worked together to make this masterpiece.

100 Days of FunAwesome

Also, you might be interested to know that I am eager to be a better dad than I have been lately. The last serveral months I have been adjusting to working away from home.  I had been working from home for almost 3 years and got used to being a part of the action around the house and being very involved with everything at home.  Now I’m kind of a stranger when I get home and less patient with the chaos here.

I’ve been listening to a book on called The Happiness of Pursuit and it has inspired me to push myself to pursue something of meaning to me and my family. I’ve tried to figure what exactly that would be and the best thing I can think of right now is to push myself to have more fun with my family and make more videos.  It really is something I love and I feel deep satisfaction from making my kids happy.  I took the job to fulfill my responsibility to provide for my family but I also have a responsibility to lead my family and provide a safe and joyful atmosphere for my children.  No amount of money is worth having a grumpy dad who is too tired or stressed to play.

My quest is to do something fun with my family for 100 consecutive days.  I will also vlog as many of these activities as possible.  Most important is that we have fun.  Second, is that I stay accountable and share our journey with others to hopefully inspire other dads to spend more quality time with their family. I have to be careful to not let the second goal get in the way of the first goal.

The Nerdiest Game Ever: Ingress

The Nerdiest Game Ever: Ingress

Ingress is the nerdiest game I’ve ever played.  If you see a nerdy guy walking all over the park looking at his phone he is probably attacking a portal.  The game uses your GPS location to locate portals that teams compete to control.  There is a lot more to it then that but Jackson loves it.  He asks me every day to play.  He always worried if our house is protected by a force field generated by linking portals.

Do you play? What team are you on? Enlightenment For Life!

Trick or Treaters Struck By Lightning

Trick or Treaters Struck By Lightning

Get Candy!!!!

Halloween highlights this year

  • The kids got to visit me at work and trick or treat the cubicles
  • Sarah made a mad scientist booth for our church fall festival
  • We had fun getting to know a couple neighbors at the annual Halloween block party
  • I found this awesome band that uses a tesla coil to make music with lightning!



  1. Create a Dance Party Radio Station on Pandora or other streaming service.  It can take a while to groom your station to play your favorite songs.
  2. Get some fun lights.
  3. Fire up fog machine. Why don’t you have one of these? They are fun!
  4. Shake what your momma gave ya!

Pley LEGO Set Rentals

A co-worker told me about a service that was like Netflix for LEGOs. You pay a monthly fee and can rent as many sets as you want but you can only have one at a time.  This appealed to me for a couple reasons.

  1. You can play with a lot of sets for potentially less money than buying them.
  2. You don’t clutter your toy box and floors with dozens of sets mixed together that never get built twice.

There are some downsides I can think of too.  My kids who don’t seem to respect their own toys have to take care of these rental sets without losing pieces. That may become stressful and more work for me to make sure they don’t get lost or mixed with our bricks.  The other thing about signing up for a service is that although you can save money, is it really saving if you weren’t spending that money on LEGOs already? We definitely aren’t spending $15/month on buying sets.  One of the reasons we don’t is because we don’t want too many toys.  You can only handle so many. I believe the kids already own too many things.  So if we’re renting we are paying for the experience but not the material that tends to become junk.  We make about 2 trips a year to Goodwill to donate toys that don’t get played with.  If we find one that we really, really like then we have the option to buy it.  Makes sense to me.

If you want to sign up for a free trial use our referral link and we’ll get a $10 credit.