2011 Q2 Goals

Today is the last day of the first quarter. I wonder if I’ve reached my goals. I wonder what my goals were. I know I wanted to lose weight. I think my goal was roughly 20 lbs. I lost about 4 lbs. Another goal was to be able to do a pull up. I still can’t do a full pull up from a full hang but I can do two half pull ups from a bent arm. I feel really good about that. If I lose that 20 lbs I’m sure it will really help my pull up progress. Another goal I met this quarter was to run 2 miles in under 16 minutes. As you can tell I’ve been working on my fitness pretty well. You can even follow my journey on my YouTube Weight Loss Channel.

In Q2 I want to broaden my horizon. I want to focus on personal development, mental and spiritual goals as well as improving my fitness. Earlier this month I discovered my passion and got a glimpse of my purpose in life you can read a little about my Micah 3.0 Project. For the past month I’ve been figuring out how I want to approach this project. There were some unknowns about my work situation and I was considering leaving the 9-5 by the end of May to pursue this project full time. This week I found out that my best option is to stick with my day job until the end of the year. My schedule will get more flexible when I start working from home this Summer but I will still have to balance my efforts with my full time job. That’s okay, as long as I stay focused on the end goal and continue to make progress I am okay with that. If anything it will force me to be more efficient and to focus on what matters most for every free moment.

One quarter of a year is equivalent to 13 weeks. I will set 12 week goals and allow for a one week buffer because “stuff” happens. For example, during the next 12 weeks I will be taking a 5 day boy scout trip to Southern Utah. I am really looking forward to that and also hope to work on my goals while on the trip.

So here are the goals.


  1. Read 3 books:  The Thank You Economy, ReWork and Delivering Happiness
  2. Develop 1 iPhone application:  This will be a simple app that I want to make for the youth group I lead to help them reach their personal development goals.


  1. Reach 200 lbs
  2. Run 5K in under 24 minutes
  3. Do a full unassisted pull up


  1. Develop a habit of daily prayer and scripture study
  2. Visit the temple at least once per month
  3. Help at least one boy in my group achieve Eagle Scout


  1. Meet 3 people I look up to online (Adam Baker, MrArturoTrejo, TheRenMen)
  2. Attend Fitness Bloggers Conference in Colorado


  1. Weekly date night with lovely wife.
  2. Weekly family night


  1. $5K revenue for Octonerd LLC
  2. Outsource at least two projects
  3. Establish weekly interview schedule for Thintopia


  1. Trip to San Diego
  2. Trip to Zions National Park
  3. Practice Photography Weekly
  4. Learn to play a favorite song on Piano


  1.  Create and stick to a family budget.

There you have it.  How did I come up with these goals?  I first tried to picture where I want to be 10 years from now.  I tried to get a picture of where I would be physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc  I then jotted down the eight categories above and began thinking of measurable and realistic goals.  These goals aren’t perfect and I need to be more specific with some.  Part of me sees this big list and gets overwhelmed but then I realized that I’m not going from couch potato to ultra productive.  I am just upping my game and getting organized.  This really just represents an overall goal to stop wasting time.  I read a post recently by Brandon Pearce who has done a great job balancing his time over the past few years.  He shares down to the minute how he spends his time in a typical week.  If I am going to succeed I am going to need to be aware of how I use my time and be very strict with not wasting time on activities that aren’t helping me reach my goals.  Several of my goals have to do with daily or weekly habits.  The next three months I will be developing a routine that will allow me to be much more productive.  I plan to work hard and play hard.  What are your goals?  Am I too ambitious?  I have much more that I want to do. This just represents what I think is realistic.  My next post will go over my routine and how I plan to accomplish each of these goals.  Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Nice goals!! I think you accidentally left one out of the family section– Take care of the kids to provide Sarah with some free time 🙂

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