2012 YouTube Hot Wheels Derby Results

We ended up with 32 cars in the youtube tournament and 40 cars in the family tournament. The final two cars were from MadisonBogart and MySmallTownLife. A big congratulations to CJ (Adam of MySmallTownLife’s cousin)!!!

That night we invited family over and ordered some pizza. Sarah went all out with hot wheels decorations. The kids had fun. I think the adults did too. We broadcast the race live on blogtv. The sound was not ideal with a lot of background noise. If/when we do this again I will use a different microphone. I will also arrange the cameras differently. I recorded most of the event through blogtv which was poor quality. I had to go back and run the cars on the big track just to get some footage to use for the video.

Next month is Project Noodles. Any guesses what that might be?