2014 FunAwesome Hot Wheels Championship

Back by popular demand!

~ Just over 2 years ago we held a live hot wheels race tournament. We had entries from all over the country and even from the UK! The event was live on BlogTV and leading up to the race we had some good trash talking. The winner was CJ from North Carolina.
CJ Hot Wheels WinnerSo mark your calendar for May 31st 2014 at 4pm Pacific and start searching for the perfect racer now.  All are welcome to participate.  You can send your car(s) to

70 S Val Vista Dr. Ste A3 #280
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Or send me $2 and I’ll purchase one for you and get you something as close to what you want as possible. Tell me color, style, etc and I’ll do my best.

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Leave a comment to let us know you’re in!

Here is some footage from the first tournament…

9 Replies to “2014 FunAwesome Hot Wheels Championship”

  1. I can’t wait! I hopefully won’t be on vacation this time and I will be able to watch the action.

    1. We got out the old cars and I still have yours from last time! Do you remember what it looked like? It is a blue armored truck with yellow seats.

  2. Had a lot of fun watching the races last time. I have a question though…I’m working on a new channel with a few friends of mine. It’s a beer review show called Better Beer Authority. Would it be cool with you guys if I entered a car for that channel this time instead of my personal channel like I did last time?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for asking about that. It sounds like a fun project. I would prefer not to promote alcohol since it is a kid friendly event but I’m sure we can come up with a way to connect you with the right people. Maybe I’ll mention something during the live event or just be sure your personal channel redirects people to the new channel? Or maybe we just refer to it as the BBA car and I redirect them to your personal channel where you have a video explaining what BBA stands for and a link to the new channel? Let me know what you think. You can submit it however you want and I’ll do my best to promote it and still keep it kid friendly.

  3. My son definitely wants to do this. I was wondering whether you have any rules about the cars. Does it have to be a new car, shipped in its original box? Or can he just send his favorite racer (which he’s willing to sacrifice for the challenge)? Also, is there a deadline prior to May 31 for when you need to receive the cars?

    1. They just need to be the regular hot wheels or matchbox cars. In the past someone sent one that was a little too big and it didn’t fit the track.

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