5 FunAwesome Summer Activites

What do you do with kids while they are on break from school? Let them watch TV and play video games all day? Heck no!!!!!!

1. Watch Some Baseball

Baseball isn’t for everyone but it is important to rout rout rout for the home team. I grew up in Northern California and my parents took me to several Giants baseball games.  I played little league and had dreams of playing professional baseball. It isn’t always the most exciting sport to watch but it can be fun to follow your team and catch a few games during the summer. Attending a professional baseball game isn’t just about watching baseball.  It is an experience that every kid NEEDS to have.  The sites, smells, sounds are one of a kind!

2. Go Camping

Again, camping isn’t something a lot of people admit to enjoying but, like baseball, it is something that you need to experience and every child should learn to appreciate the outdoors.  Camping can be simple or very complex with all the gear and knowing the best spots to go.  If you’re new to camping keep it simple. I’d probably recommend borrowing gear.

3. Go On a “Neature Walk”

Whether you’re camping or not you need to get out and appreciate your surroundings.  The best way I know how is to follow the wise advice of Lenny Pepperbottom.

4. Swim!


5. Summer Concerts

We took our kids to a Lindsey Stirling concert. Although the music and performance was good I would recommend something different for kids. Look for assigned seating or just take them to a free outdoor concert. Our town does a summer concerts in the park series with mostly local musicians.