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I’m Sarah, How’s it going? I’m glad to have you here at Mrsspiffy.com. I hope you find what you came to see. I post here about my favorite recipes, crafts, home projects, activities, lessons learned, and uplifting experiences.  I like to bake, sew, craft, cook, create, travel, and try new things (especially with my children) because I’ve learned these are easy and natural ways for me to show people that I care about them and to spend enjoyable time with my family. (Its always easier to show up at a neighbor or friends door with something in my hands)

Who are those darling little children in the picture?

I am the mom of 4 children ages 7 yrs down to 18 months. Each of them have such fun and very unique personalities. I love spending time with them and find it so much more rewarding when we’ve got a few fun projects and activities planned here and there to enjoy together.  I have an awesome husband, Micahstubz. He actually built this site for me and helps me with most the cooking, crafting, cleaning, videos, and other spiffy business that goes on around here. He is amazing at problem-solving, taste testing, even reading sewing patterns, and pretty much everything.  I’m more than lucky to have him.

My Background

Ever since I was young I’ve loved to create. Not that things usually turned out spectacular or even close to how I imagined, but the creative process always excited me. When I was young we had a collage drawer with all sorts of extra odds and ends from my mom’s and my (seven)siblings’ old projects, school assignments and reports, or any other random craft item that didn’t have a place or use. It was my favorite drawer in the house! There were so many possibilities!

Throughout my childhood I played several sports, participated in music in band, symphony and choir, and took art lessons. Now that I’m an adult and don’t have all my old paint and brushes, organized sports, lessons, and classes, I’m learning that cooking, baking, crafting and sewing, making up games and activities to play with my kids, and finding fun experiments and project to do with my kids, mixed with a little organizing and cleaning (just enough to keep our home from total chaos) have become my new creative outlets and enjoyment. I love to find ways I can do these and activities with my kids to inspire them to learn and create for themselves.

I have a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership. I’ve worked with several local youth recreation programs and also in event planning for various cities in the past several years. I have loved using all these things that I enjoy to pull together a great program or event.

I’m “Mrs. Spiffy”

You might be curious where the name “Mrs Spiffy” came from. It’s not actually because I really think I am “all that”! There is a random story behind it… The short version: the idea came from an episode of Backyardigans I watched a long time ago with my kids. If you’re dying to know the long version keep reading: We had a road trip coming up and I thought I would surprise the kids with a new movie. As I looked at DVD’s at the store I saw  Backyardians. I had heard good things about it and it looked fun so I decided to see if my kids would like it. Yep – they liked it!  They really enjoyed this episode, mostly because of the song, “I’m Mr. Spiffy.” Micahstubz and I couldn’t see the movie from the front of the car, but as we listened we chuckled to ourselves because the tune was so fun and catchy. Now we all sing it to each other here and there. One late night, as we were brainstorming names for this blog the song popped into our heads and we kept singing it to each other. As we were singing it we thought “Spiffy is fun!” It represents fun, clean, fine, smart, stylish, excellent, pretty, clever, classy… all things we were trying to represent in this blog. So here I am being Mrs. Spiffy, blogging about all things  spiffy!

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