We are Micah and Sarah, a UI Developer and a Stay-At-Home Mom. Could you get two more boring parents? I KNOW – Our poor children! We are the parents of five young children ages 10 down to 1 years. We love being parents, but I’m not going to tell you its easy. We started getting sucked into the “daily grind” of work, school schedules, and cooking and cleaning… and we noticed life was passing us by – our little kids were growing fast! We decided we wanted bring the “magic” of childhood to life at our house by making the most of our time we have together. So here is what we do:

  • Often we take daily tasks and make them FunAwesome so we can all get them done faster.
  • We are always on the watch for simple but FunAwesome activities we can do with our kids that will make childhood magical and memorable.
  • We have learned to love playing the games kids play and get our exercise playing tag

FunAwesome! started in an effort to find quick, inexpensive, fun things we can do to spice up family life. We started realizing the days that Mom and Dad let the kids watch TV and play video games or other activities that were “babysitting” the kids, the kids were whiny and they bothered us so much more. As we’ve become more intentional about spending time with our kids, even just 15 minutes, everyone is happier! Time spent together is more meaningful and productive, and our relationships are strengthened.

Our goal is to share the ideas we’ve come up with or come across, successful and unsuccessful, to make it easier to spend intentional time with your family!

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