Angry Birds Birthday Cake

This fun and easy angry birds cake came into creation for my little spiffy boy’s 7th birthday. He had many many ideas of what he wanted for his cake (he had a star wars, sports, angry birds themed party – sometimes you just can’t decide), I was glad this is what he decided on.

We used our favorite easy marshmallow fondant recipe that my kids love. I made all the colors of fondant earlier in the day, wrapped them in saran wrap and put them in the fridge. After we had frosted  and assembled the 2 layers of cake we quickly rolled out a long piece of brown fondant to wrap around the sides of the cake. Next we rolled out a layer of green for the grass to cover the top and fall over the sides a little.

We shaped each of the pigs and birds quickly by rolling balls and using our fingers to make more of a triangle shape for the yellow bird. The eyes and noses/beaks were shaped just with our fingers. For the eyes (and any other rounder facial features) we made tiny balls of fondant and flattened them as we placed them. For the beaks and hair/feathers on top  basically we just made small “snakes” and flattened, rounded, curved, or molded a little with fingers where needed to make them look right. The whitish blocks are made by just shaping a cube out of the fondant. The hardest part, which really wasn’t hard, was the sling shot. I cut 3 pieces of  the big pretzel twists to size, a longer one and two shorter ones. I laid them on a piece of foil and set them together in the shape of a Y, then dripped melted chocolate around the joint of the Y until I thought it would hold. I put it in the freezer (because I am not patient at all!) so it would be really well set a few minutes later. I was happy to see it worked! I dipped the Y in chocolate and laid it back on the foil to harden. While I was waiting for the chocolate to set on the sling shot, I took some chocolate covered wafer cookies and cut them to size, two smaller  pieces that were the same size and one longer piece. I put melted chocolate on the tops of the smaller ones to seal the cut ends and placed the top, longer piece, on before the chocolate hardened to help it all hold together a little better. To place that structure and the sling shot I cut a little X in the fondant where I was placing each part that was on the cake and carefully inserted each piece into the cake. The sling shot was a little heavy with the bird in it so it was a little deeper than I originally thought, but it worked out and held up great! To finish up , I gently wiped the fondant with a damp rag to get rid of excess powdered sugar or chocolate smears and smooth rough edges.

The kids were in awe! It was funny to see them playing with the little birds and pigs while they ate the rest of their cake.


For a fun little tutorial of the creation of this cake my husband, Micahstubz, made this video for your viewing entertainment. We worked on this together, but because he is a little more familiar with Angry birds he stepped in to help with the details. 

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