April 2011 Update: Spanking My Butt

Crazy Month. I need to not wait so long in between posts because a lot has been going on and I want to share it all.

Let’s see.  I read The Thank You Economy, by Gary Vaynerchuck.  I wasn’t really impressed.  I suppose it was more targeted at large corporations.

I have been increasing my twitter involvement.  I never really used it to connect with other people.  I’ve learned you have to treat twitter like a cocktail party.  I don’t drink and have never been to a cocktail party so maybe that’s why I haven’t figured it out until now.  Twitter is a good place to meet new people and build relationships with existing contacts.  The average person thinks of twitter as a way to stalk people and share mundane tasks.  The right way to look at is a 24-7 networking event and you are allowed to jump in a circle with anyone you want and try and be a part of the conversation.  This doesn’t mean that everyone can have a personal conversation with celebrities.  You can try but you have to realize that just like any celebrity in a public forum they are being bombarded with people wanting a few seconds of their time.  The real value comes by finding others with similar interests as you and simply having small talk.  Be genuine. Don’t do it simply because you want more followers (you do) but it only works if you really care to get to know people.  Then what happens is your network of influence slowly grows because your new friends have friends and you get opportunities to meet even more people.  End result: you get more opportunities.  Just this month I got some side work through twitter!  I highly recommend everyone read Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck on how to really use twitter.

We All Have The Same 24 Hours

I have some great ideas for posts because I recently took a training course on Lynda.com for time management.  It was a very intensive course which the instructor usually charges Executives $2400 for one 9 hour session to completely get organized and learn how to manage the chaos.  I have plenty of chaos so it was awesome and, dare I say, life changing!

On top of that, I stumbled upon a free e-book on focus and time management that works as a perfect complement to what I learned in the large training.  I plan to do a post to share what I learned, the changes I’ve made and where I still need to improve.

Slowly But Surely: Getting Fit

My goal for May is to lose 10 lbs.  I am starting at 217 and want to reach 207 by the end of the month.  By the end of June I want to be under 200.

We unfroze our YMCA memberships and Monday we, Sarah and I went and got on the treadmills.  I decided I would make an attempt at my goal to run 3 miles in under 24 minutes and I did it!  23:46. We are going to go to the YMCA with the kids 3-5 times per week to exercise for 30 minutes then play with the kids in the pool.  We plan to do this during peak utility hours to save money on our electricity

Other Micah 3.0 Stuff

Today TonyRobbins tweeted a link to page that lists 101 sites for free tutorials.  That will definitely come in handy!

Haven’t done much photography lately.  I have done some and need to upload them to Flickr.  Today I got my iMac replacement and it actually works this time!  Now I can start learning how to make iPhone apps.  Have touched the piano or guitar.  I did spend some time with a friend who can play almost any song on the guitar and I talked to him about the best way to learn. He recommends getting a chord chart and practice, practice, practice!!!  I guess I should get a guitar first.

Octonerd is doing well and I can hardly keep up with the work but I think I will go ahead and use these funds as they come in to get everything I need for Micah 3.0  that way I can start working on everything sooner.   That is why I got the iMac.  Next Up?  Adobe CS5 or Canon T2i?  Which would you get?  I think I have more use for CS5 now but would love have a nicer camera for photos and video.

I did start making some fun videos and would love to do more and improve in that area. Here is an example of what I’m talking about.