Awesome Stick Bombs

I got this idea from and found several tutorials on YouTube.  I thought it was so awesome I had to try it.  It is a weave of craft sticks that explodes in a chain reaction when released.  The most difficult part is getting it started.  It takes a little trial and error so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work perfectly the first few times you try.stick bomb step 1

Step 1:  Place one stick over another at a slight angle.

stick bomb step 2

Step 2: Slide a third stick under the bottom stick and over the top stick and position perpendicular to stick 2.

stick bomb step 3

Step 3: Slide stick 4 under stick 1 and over stick 3 and position parallel to stick 2.

stick bomb step 4

Step 4: Continue place sticks in alternating directions by sliding them under the stick 3 layers down and over the stick on top.

stock bomb step 5

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