3 Benefits of Vlogging

Improve Communication Skills

Vlogging is essentially public speaking but you get the huge advantage of multiple takes and editing the final product. When I first started vlogging I struggled to know what to say and I couldn’t stand watching the footage and editing it. I couldn’t see how anyone would enjoy the video. I became aware of all my mannerisms. I start every new thought with “alright”, I slur words together and look away from people as my volume trails off. Sometimes I wonder how anyone can stand talking to me or watching me on camera. I could have easily given up and decided that vlogging wasn’t for me but instead I chose to keep practicing and I still cut out a lot of footage that is boring or that bothers me but it is so much easier to flip on the camera and speak more clearly. The news station won’t be calling me anytime soon to fill any vacancies as an anchor but I’m satisfied that vlogging has helped me become a better communicator.


Creating videos on a regular basis is an excellent way to journal your life.  A public vlog may not include important personal aspects of your life that are usually best written down for personal benefit but what you get is a clear view of how you look and act.  You can see how you progress as time goes on.  I had an experience recently where I went back to my videos and blog post from two years ago and it was like deja vu!  I was about to do what I am finally doing now.  I was talking about my job ending and how I was preparing and deciding what to do next.  I was reading the same book (48 days to the work you love) and going through the very same process of self discovery.  I was able to see what had stayed the same and how I had evolved, even though it was very little.  It mostly helped me realize that I’m prone to getting distracted from my risky goals and taking the safest and most conservative path.  At times it felt like I had wasted 2 year of my life.  I know that isn’t true and I have 200 videos to show how I’ve made an effort to enjoy life and have fun.

Happiness Factor

Vlogging alone won’t make you happy.  There are plenty of sad people out there with cameras.  If you have watched very many vlogs you probably watched some b-0-0-0-ring videos.  “Hey guys. I’m on my way home from work.  I’m trying to lose weight this month.  Today I ate a salad so that was good.  I also ran 2 miles this morning…”  You get the point.  Boring.  I have a few videos like that which I have unlisted.  Okay, so you want to watch people be entertaining, right?  So if you’re going to vlog, hopefully, you’re going to try and be entertaining!  The best way to be entertaining is to HAVE FUN!  laugh, make people laugh.  Tell a funny story.  Olan Rogers is the perfect example of telling funny stories.


If you vlog what are the benefits you have found?  Leave a comment.