Blessing Dress (simplicity 5813)

Anyone else get a little overzealous right after you have a baby? Well I do, but this particular time was a little extreme! The week before this sweet baby was going to be blessed I decided I would make her a dress for that special day. I ran out and bought a pattern and picked up all the material and supplies late Monday night. This was a big undertaking for me (and that’s a bit of an understatement)… I had never sewn clothes before (besides a few pairs of pajama pants) and I may have used a pattern once before! The dress ended up coming together pretty well and I’m glad my little girl will always know that I took the time to make something extra special for her, but I’m getting tired and frustrated just remembering this week in our lives(we had sick kids up every night for a couple weeks and this precious baby wasn’t a great sleeper anyway). The pattern I used was simplicity 5813 Babies christening gown  and it was easy enough for my husband to understand and tell me what to do but I think the lack of sleep for several weeks must have made it hard for me to really understand basic instructions. I have found patterns easier to read since this time, so we’ll just chalk it up to that 😉 I finished this dress quite literally just in the nick of time Sunday morning! Whew!  I would recommend this pattern… just make sure you actually do know how to sew and have enough time to do it! Isn’t she darling??? Definitely worth it!

You can see my simplified approach to the next blessing dress I made here. Easy and beautiful – and I even had a lot more sleep involved!