4 Tips To Teach Young Kids How To Do The Laundry

This is my laundry room:

Growing up, the rule was that you folded the clothes as you took them out of the dryer and placed them in the appropriate siblings’ or parents’ basket that was located right next to washer/dryer on a counter. With no counter space here and hardly room enough to turn around, […]

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Blessing Dress (simplicity 5813)

Anyone else get a little overzealous right after you have a baby? Well I do, but this particular time was a little extreme!┬áThe week before this sweet baby was going to be blessed I decided I would make her a dress for that special day. I ran out and bought a pattern and picked […]

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Easy and Beautiful Baby Blessing Dress

Every time I’ve had a baby I’ve tried to make something that will be uniquely theirs, a keepsake I hope, that was made just for them by me. Well this poses a bit of a challenge because my sewing skills are… well beginner-ish. Kinda like in Kung Fu Panda when Master Shifu asks Po […]

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