2016 Hot Wheels Tournament

When: June 4, 2016 @ 2pm Pacific
1st Place – Trophy and $50 Gift Card (Amazon, itunes, googleplay)
2nd Place – $20 Gift Card
3rd Place – $10 Gift Card
How To Enter:
Send Car
2487 S Gilbert Rd #106-274
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Sponsor Car

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Toxic Waste Giveaway

We’re giving a bag of toxic waste candy to 4 winners. Here’s how to enter…
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2014 FunAwesome Hot Wheels Championship

Back by popular demand!
~ Just over 2 years ago we held a live hot wheels race tournament. We had entries from all over the country and even from the UK! The event was live on BlogTV and leading up to the race we had some good trash talking. The winner was CJ from North […]

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4 Tips To Teach Young Kids How To Do The Laundry

This is my laundry room:

Growing up, the rule was that you folded the clothes as you took them out of the dryer and placed them in the appropriate siblings’ or parents’ basket that was located right next to washer/dryer on a counter. With no counter space here and hardly room enough to turn around, […]

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$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

To say thanks you to my followers I am giving away $100 to one lucky winner. There are several ways to enter and some of them you can do every day until the end of the giveaway.

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Also check out the latest vlog.

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Video Ideas

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Internet and mostly with YouTube. I keep a pretty close tab on almost all things viral. I was actually surprised how long it took before I saw the Gangnam Style video. Because I’m so interested in what is the latest craze I’m also curious if I have […]

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2012 YouTube Hot Wheels Derby Results

We ended up with 32 cars in the youtube tournament and 40 cars in the family tournament. The final two cars were from MadisonBogart and MySmallTownLife. A big congratulations to CJ (Adam of MySmallTownLife’s cousin)!!!

That night we invited family over and ordered some pizza. Sarah went all out with hot wheels decorations. The kids […]

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Ready to Race

Our brackets are filling up. I have divided the tournament in two. One tournament for the Team Stubz YouTube community and one for family. I think this will be more fun for both groups if they know the people they are racing.  I also ordered a trophy for each bracket.  Below is a link […]

Hot Wheels Tournament Contestants

See who the competition is for the YouTube Hot Wheels Derby
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Hot Wheels Race Track Update

I have big plans for the Hot Wheels Tournament track. My goal is to have some exciting races and wow factor when you see the track.
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