ManBabies.com Submission

I came across a funny site called manbabies.com I thought I’d make my own manbaby photo and submit it. What do you thin?

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The Best Home Office

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The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

The Postal Service was kind of a side project for Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. I really like his stuff. Listen and you might like it too.

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Stargate Resistance

The company I worked for in 2008 released a video game today! The game is called Stargate Resistance and is basically a scaled down version of the MMORPG that we were working on called Stargate Worlds.  At the end of 2008 the economy tanked and the company ran out of funds so there was […]

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Best Super Bowl Ad of 2010

Doritos had this funny commercial.

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The Tiddy Bear

Let me say, if you paid $15 for the tiddy bear you are not welcome on my site.

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What to do if a dead whale washes up on a beach

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Code Monkey

Song by Jonathan Coulton. Famous for writing the song for the final credits of the game Portal and his rendition of Baby Got Back and this winner – Code Monkey. He falls in the genre of Geek Folk. For facebook readers follow the link to view the post.  http://bit.ly/vCiIc

That reminds me of some funny […]

Fab Five Cloggers on America’s Got Talent

Okay, so they were in the semi-finals last night. They did really well and I’m pretty sure they will make it to the finals. They are definitely talented. The one I know also played college basketball. That would be fun if they win. $200K each would be great. I just think of paying off […]

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