Christmas time Secret Pals with Young Kids

Secret pals are fun any time of the year. It was fun for Christmas, but we think Valentine's might be a fun Holiday to celebrate in this way.
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Star Shower Laser Lights Review

You’ve probably seen these all over your town.  There are a few different brands but they’re hard to find.  The most popular and most available are the Star Shower Laser Lights.  Here are my thoughts and an amazon link in case you want what my nephews refer as “Lazy Lights” for people who are […]

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To Elf Or Not To Elf

This Thanksgiving we got out the Christmas decorations like usual but this time the kids were really eager to find our magic elf, Jimmy Jingle.  A few years ago (2012) my sister-in-law gave us this magic elf that came with a poem.  It wasn’t the typical “Elf On The Shelf” doll.  He was a […]

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Have you done your after-Christmas shopping yet? Most places discount their Christmas items at least 50% right after Christmas and I saw everything Christmas at hobby lobby was 80% off this week! So now is a great time to shop for next year… especially if you want to make a big ornament wreath for […]

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Pinecone Wreath

One of my favorite decorations for any holiday is a wreath! I know – its really not that big of a deal, but its the entrance to your home – it kinda sets the tone for the entire house! I had to laugh though when I met one of my neighbors from the other […]

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