Christmas time Secret Pals with Young Kids

Secret pals are fun any time of the year. It was fun for Christmas, but we think Valentine's might be a fun Holiday to celebrate in this way.
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Favorite Song, Shut Up and Dance

Shut up and Dance? nope - this 4 year old makes up her own words to suit her own style
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4 Tips To Teach Young Kids How To Do The Laundry

This is my laundry room:

Growing up, the rule was that you folded the clothes as you took them out of the dryer and placed them in the appropriate siblings’ or parents’ basket that was located right next to washer/dryer on a counter. With no counter space here and hardly room enough to turn around, […]

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Neighbor Mailboxes for Children

Who doesn’t LOVE to get some good mail? You’ve got to admit it so fun to check the mailbox to find a card or package just for you!

Our neighbors surprised my kids one day with a cute shoebox they had decorated like a little mailbox. They asked us to leave it out on the […]

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Do you want to be happy?

I don’t know if others would describe me as a positive person, but I feel like especially in the past few years, I have figured out what I can do to lift myself ¬†when I start feeling down and empty inside. I’ve found a few things that determine my level of frustration or satisfaction […]

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