Pie Face and a DIY Pie Face

Pie face - a fun game for all ages!
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Minecraft Marshmallows

Here is an easy food activity for the kids.  All you need is marshmallows, candy melts and black decorating gel.  This was a collaboration with our friend James at FunFoods. You can make creepers, TNT and skeletons fairly easily. There is more you could make but it might be a little more challenging.  Give […]

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Lacey wanted a cinderella birthday cake and she’s been wanting to ride a horse for over a year.

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Olaf Cake Wreck

Jackson’s request for his birthday was an Olaf Cake from the movie Frozen! My first thought was, “That sounds fun…and doable.”
We decided to call it “Olaf In Summer”. What went wrong?

It was a bigger challenge than we anticipated.
The mid-section was too small to support his massive head.
The fondant was not working for us which […]

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Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

We had a fantastic weekend full of friends and family and LOTS of baking. I have a few recipes I’ll have to share with you sometime (like a chocolate swirl banana bread, and Skor Bar cake balls)! Today its all about the Teddy Bear Cake I made for my 2 year old’s birthday! She […]

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Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Cake

This was so delicious! My micahstubz had a birthday this week and he wanted a spectacular cake that was better than last year’s… So we decided to add ice cream to the cake because he is a big fan of ice cream and we thought we’d go heavy on the caramel. Here’s what we […]

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Peanut Butter Snickers Cookies

Print Peanut Butter Snickers Cookies Author: Mrs Spiffy Recipe type: Dessert Cuisine: Cookies Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  12 mins Total time:  22 mins Serves: 24   A delicious Peanut Butter Cookie with a mini […]

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Easy Gourmet Brownies

These are amazing – from bite size to extra large, no matter how you serve them, they look and taste incredible. I know you wouldn’t believe this, but I am a bit of a brownie fanatic. In high school I would make brownies nearly every weekend or so (and watch Emperor’s New Groove… is […]

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Angry Birds Birthday Cake

This fun and easy angry birds cake came into creation for my little spiffy boy’s 7th birthday. He had many many ideas of what he wanted for his cake (he had a star wars, sports, angry birds themed party – sometimes you just can’t decide), I was glad this is what he decided on.
We […]

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My Little Pony Cake

We are fans of My Little Pony here… especially one of us in particular! So for her special day she really wanted a Pony cake. She actually had some ulterior motives… she needed a few more ponies to play with of course and she had her eye on Princess Celestia (and she slyly added […]

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