The Best M&M Cookies

I’ve been looking for a great, no, the best M&M cookie, and not the peanut butter kind that are all around; Although for the record I do love a good Peanut butter cookie. This is it! Thanks to Jessica from How Sweet Eats for sharing this one. It has changed my life. Seriously, every time I […]

Fun Easter Sandwich Cookies

I can’t believe how fast Easter is sneaking up on us. I didn’t feel ready for Easter until this past week we were able to go the “Easter Pageant” and it really helped me get my thoughts ready for Easter. My kids were looking for a fun Easter-ish project and we came […]

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Make your own Jack-o-lantern sugar cookies

Oh wow – this combines crafting and baking! Two of the spiffiest things to do in your spare time! AND, and…they are totally customize-able! You can make them as traditional or as wacky as you want. As soon as I saw these, I wanted to make these as a little ‘thank you’  for my […]

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Chocolate Wasted Cake

You know that saying, “You eat with your eyes”?  Well take a look at this:

I wish I could eat with my eyes because really – this tastes as good as it looks! Mr. Spiffy (aka MicahStubz) has had this cake on his wish list for almost a year. Finally, I decided we should indulge […]

Homemade Popsicles – 3 easy and delicious recipes!

Ever think about having a popsicle stand with your kids on a hot summer day? Me neither… until my little spiffy kid had been begging to have a stand and sell all sorts of things (paper bracelets, paper airplanes, and many other precious creations) – we decided that homemade popsicles were the easiest and […]

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Perfect Summer Fruit Pie

Fresh Summer Fruit Pie – need I say more? This no-bake, fruit filled pie is perfect for any summer gathering. In fact I made this for a family reunion for our 4th of July celebration… and let me tell you,  I made 6 pies and a bowl of crustless pie  for my gluten-free nephews […]

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Football Helmet Cakes with Marshmallow Fondant

When I asked my son what kind of cake he wanted for his 6th Birthday he had a specific request.  He wanted a BYU helmet on one side, an Arizona Cardinals helmet on the other side and a football in the middle.
“Great! How am I going to do that?” I thought to myself, yet, […]

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Easy Marshmallow Fondant

A few years ago for my birthday my husband bought me the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan! I was so excited to start baking with it. I’ve made several cakes using this pan and I’ve learned along the way that the regular old “spread the frosting on the cake with a knife” trick doesn’t do […]

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Minnie Mouse Oreo Cupcakes

Today for my daughter’s 4th Birthday we are having a tea party.  Micah had found this idea on Pinterest a few months back and saved it because our little girl LOVES Minnie Mouse.
Last month for my birthday he got me a large cupcake/muffin tin which is important for these cupcakes because the Oreos won’t […]

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