Sensory Deprivation Tank

One hour of floating in a dark tank full of extremely salty water. Why the heck would I do that? Why not!? I first heard about this practice from my favorite morning talk show Good Mythical Morning.  They tried it on their show and it seemed interesting.  An hour of depriving your senses.  I did […]

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What is FunAwesome?

…and what happened to MicahStubz
As I thought about what kind of value I could offer my viewers I came to the conclusion that what I most enjoy and feel is valuable is inspiring people to enjoy quality time with their family.

I love my family more than anything. Before changing the name of my channel […]

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3 Benefits of Vlogging

Improve Communication Skills
Vlogging is essentially public speaking but you get the huge advantage of multiple takes and editing the final product. When I first started vlogging I struggled to know what to say and I couldn’t stand watching the footage and editing it. I couldn’t see how anyone would enjoy the video. I became […]

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Creating a Work Life Balance

48 Days To The Work You Love: Day 9
First, let me give you an update on days 7 & 8 since I didn’t write blog posts for them.  Day 7 I was supposed to identify 3-4 people who have been positive mentors for me and contact them for advice.  I reached out by email […]

48 Days To The Work I Love: Day 1

I’m starting a little late considering my job is ending May 31st but that’s okay. Maybe I can stack some days. This is a book by Dan Miller that I read a couple years ago and back then I was motivated, or so I thought, to take control of my life and quit letting […]

On Top of a Mountain

Saturday I completed the first item on my 2013 to do list. I climbed to the top of Squaw Peak in Phoenix. I met up with a new friend, Steven, who suggested the hike a couple weeks ago.

Hiking is an awesome experience. It was physically challenging but not overly demanding. I broke a sweat […]

2013 To Do List

Rather than having New Year’s Resolutions because, face it, it is February and by now most people have already given up on their resolutions; I decided to make a “to do” list for the year. There are things I should do, things I have to do and things that I THINK I should do […]

April 2011 Update: Spanking My Butt

Crazy Month. I need to not wait so long in between posts because a lot has been going on and I want to share it all.

Let’s see.  I read The Thank You Economy, by Gary Vaynerchuck.  I wasn’t really impressed.  I suppose it was more targeted at large corporations.

I have been increasing my […]

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Routines and Habits

I set a lot of goals for the next 3 months.  I may or may not have set myself up for failure but either way I will be better in 3 months than I am now.  That is all that matters.  I do want to achieve all my goals though.  The only way that […]

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2011 Q2 Goals

Today is the last day of the first quarter. I wonder if I’ve reached my goals. I wonder what my goals were. I know I wanted to lose weight. I think my goal was roughly 20 lbs. I lost about 4 lbs. Another goal was to be able to do a pull up. I […]