Starting A Business

Creating a Work Life Balance

48 Days To The Work You Love: Day 9
First, let me give you an update on days 7 & 8 since I didn’t write blog posts for them.  Day 7 I was supposed to identify 3-4 people who have been positive mentors for me and contact them for advice.  I reached out by email […]

48 Days To The Work I Love: Day 1

I’m starting a little late considering my job is ending May 31st but that’s okay. Maybe I can stack some days. This is a book by Dan Miller that I read a couple years ago and back then I was motivated, or so I thought, to take control of my life and quit letting […]

2011 Q2 Goals

Today is the last day of the first quarter. I wonder if I’ve reached my goals. I wonder what my goals were. I know I wanted to lose weight. I think my goal was roughly 20 lbs. I lost about 4 lbs. Another goal was to be able to do a pull up. I […]

Help Me Choose a Business Card

If you haven’t noticed, I’m working on getting a business going.  Along the way I want to share the process.  Starting a business has always been a mystery to me.  I’ve been researching for the past few years about how to start a business and how to succeed.  The one thing that nearly everyone […]