We supported the bunch o balloons kickstarter campaign because I believe it revolutionizes water balloons.  We got our reward in the mail and had to give it a try even though it isn’t water balloon weather yet.  See the results.  It took two tries to get it right but it was still very cool!

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Family Bike Ride (Day 4)

When I can’t motivate my kids I turn to YouTube videos that I think will motivate them. Lacey is struggling to stay positive while she learns to ride her bike and I’m struggling to help her.

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For some reason our videos that feature Warheads get more views than most. I think we all like to watch other people suffer. Why is that? Is it because we don’t necessarily want to suffer but we are curious and it helps us mentally prepare ourselves for the die we might experience something similar? […]

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Playing Sardines (Day 2)

One of our favorite games to play at home is Sardines.  It is like hide n’ seek but only one person hides and as people find them they have to hide with them. In many cases you end up getting packed into a hiding place like sardines! Thus the name. It didn’t take many […]


I’ll admit.  I’m not a skilled musician.  I do love and appreciate good music though.  Sarah, on the other hand, has more skill than she likes to admit. She does a great job giving the kids opportunities to learn music.  For a school assignment, Jackson needed to make and instrument and do a presentation […]

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The Nerdiest Game Ever: Ingress

Ingress is the nerdiest game I’ve ever played.  If you see a nerdy guy walking all over the park looking at his phone he is probably attacking a portal.  The game uses your GPS location to locate portals that teams compete to control.  There is a lot more to it then that but Jackson loves […]

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Fun Cupcake Cones

Sarah and the girls made a fun treat just for the heck of it.  The kids also sang a song at a friend’s baptism. Why read words? Watch a video!

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Trick or Treaters Struck By Lightning

Get Candy!!!!

Halloween highlights this year

The kids got to visit me at work and trick or treat the cubicles
Sarah made a mad scientist booth for our church fall festival
We had fun getting to know a couple neighbors at the annual Halloween block party
I found this awesome band that uses a tesla coil to make music […]

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