The Bean Boozled Challenge

Jelly Belly makes something called Bean Boozled.  It is a box of jelly beans where each color is one of two flavors.  One flavor is “good” and the other is NAAASTYY!  You don’t know what you’re getting until you taste it. This makes for a fun challenge that has been popular on YouTube for […]

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DIY PVC Marshmallow Shooters


Building Marshmallow Shooters is an easy and fun activity for kids and adults.  Our younger kids (2-4) had a more difficult time building and operating the shooters but they still had fun.  I’ve actually done this with a scout troop many years ago and they LOVED it!  They are 12-15 year old boys and […]

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How To Relax At The Park with Kids

As the dad, it can be intimidating to be responsible for 4 kids. Especially in public!  The biggest key is to stay off your mobile devices and interact with the kids.  Talk, play and laugh together.  Simple, right?

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The Extreme TP Machine

I saw this on a YouTube clip from The Ellen Show and knew I had to try it.  I didn’t have cheap TP on hand so I only did one roll.  Next time I’m at the store I’ll pick up a pack or two of 1-ply and probably make another video of it.

What you […]

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Wildlife World Zoo

Stubz Jr had a field trip to the zoo this week and his grandparents were in town so we decided to crash his field trip and make it a family trip.  Wildlife World Zoo is on the opposite side of Phoenix from us and took a good hour to get there.

A few things you […]

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Pulling Teeth Is Fun

This was a first for me so I am sure there are seasoned pros out there with great tips so leave a comment if you are an expert tooth puller.

My son’s first two baby teeth came out on their own. This time he was determined to get his loose tooth out. I think […]

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Sweet Revenge

Lacey is our night owl. We put her to bed by 8:30pm every night but there is rarely a night she is asleep before 10pm. Last night I was really tired and passed out on the couch soon after putting the kids to bed. Lacey has been mad about my april fools […]

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Family Pillow Fight!

We were sitting around after dinner and winding down for the night.  The kids had taken baths early and were ready for bed but it wasn’t quite bedtime.  Our youngest, who we call stubbaby in our videos, decided it was time for a pillow fight.  Why not?!

Even the dog was in on the action. […]

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School Lunch Party

Sometimes being FunAwesome! means simply being spontaneous.  MommyStubz decided to take the whole family to visit Stubz Jr for lunch at school.  We brought along a card game to make it a little more fun and awesome.  On the way home our 4-year old, Stubbette, said “This is the best  day!”

What a simple way […]

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Awesome Stick Bombs

I got this idea from and found several tutorials on YouTube.  I thought it was so awesome I had to try it.  It is a weave of craft sticks that explodes in a chain reaction when released.  The most difficult part is getting it started.  It takes a little trial and error so […]

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