April Fools Mustaches

Today we are kicking off FunAwesome! Month! Woohoo! Let’s start with a bang and play an April Fools prank on our kids. While they were sleeping I drew mustaches on their faces and recorded their reactions in the morning. Enjoy!

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Olaf Cake Wreck

Jackson’s request for his birthday was an Olaf Cake from the movie Frozen! My first thought was, “That sounds fun…and doable.”
We decided to call it “Olaf In Summer”. What went wrong?

It was a bigger challenge than we anticipated.
The mid-section was too small to support his massive head.
The fondant was not working for us which […]

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The Sandwich Song

At the end of February this year I decided to make a list of things that I wanted to do this year.  I called it 13 Things To Do in 2013 .  I wanted to come up with things that I really wanted to do.  I wanted it to be fun but also challenging.  One of […]

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Do What You Enjoy

… and Mondays will be the best day of the week!

If you aren’t working on something that you enjoy there is a good chance you aren’t giving it your all. You are likely spending energy thinking about what you would rather be doing. When I do what I enjoy regardless of any other external […]

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Happy Birthday To Me!

I wasn’t looking forward to being 32. I’m still not happy about getting old but what can you do? This was a fun birthday because Friday night I was expecting to go out to dinner with Sarah to celebrate and she surprised me with a staycation in a nearby town! We slept in past […]

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Cool Backyard Water Park

How To Turn Your Play Set Into A Mini Water Park

1/2 Inch Drip Irrigation Tubing
1/8 Inch Vinyl Micro Tubing
DIG 1/2 Swivel Tee (for connecting to garden hose)
Various Drip Irrigation fittings (1/2 compression elbows, sprayers, connectors)

I already had the tubing from our own irrigation system. For less than $10 to acquire the hose connector and […]

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Warheads Challenge

About a year ago a few of my YouTube friends participated in a little warheads challenge.  They each tried to eat the most warheads at once.  I think the record was 20 by MySmallTownLife!  At the time I wanted to give it a try but I didn’t know where to find the warheads.  I […]

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On Top of a Mountain

Saturday I completed the first item on my 2013 to do list. I climbed to the top of Squaw Peak in Phoenix. I met up with a new friend, Steven, who suggested the hike a couple weeks ago.

Hiking is an awesome experience. It was physically challenging but not overly demanding. I broke a sweat […]

What Is The Harlem Shake?

… and why is everyone and their dog doing it?

A couple nights ago I was on reddit and on the front page there was a video of room full of teenage boys just hanging out and one of them was wearing a motorcycle helmet dancing to a catchy song.  15 seconds into the video […]

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Merry Christmas – The Hiatus Ends!

After Mormon Daddy Style I had a hard time getting myself to make a video. I had so many new viewers that I didn’t want to let them all down with my average vlogs.  I wanted to come up with another parody or skit but I also got busy with another side project so […]

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