Christmas time Secret Pals with Young Kids

Secret pals are fun any time of the year. It was fun for Christmas, but we think Valentine’s might be a fun Holiday to celebrate in this way. … Continue reading >Christmas time Secret Pals with Young Kids

Around Christmas we are always looking for ideas to help our kids get into the Spirit of Christmas. Sometimes it feels like we get caught up in the “What am I getting for Christmas” thing. This year was our first year that most of our kids were old enough to really be able to do something like this, they are ages 4-9. So we wrote each persons name on paper and put them in a bowl. Then each person took a turn drawing a name and made sure to keep it a secret who they drew. The kids loved the excitement of it!!! Then for 2 weeks we spent our time trying to secretly serve that person. Each time after you served your secret pal you got to sneak a hershey kiss onto their pillow – that was one of the best parts. It was so fun and I saw my kids doing some of the nicest things for each other. We were all looking for that opportunity to secretly serve each other and not get caught – it was tricky! On Christmas Eve the secret pals were revealed. All the kids had such a good time they asked “when are we doing this again!?!” We’ll see if its in the cards for Valentine’s Day this year.