Hot Wheels Tournament Contestants

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Here is a list of entries and people who have said they plan to send entries.

Name Car
micahstubz Dodge Power Wagon
mommystubz Red Flame Wagon
stubzjr Buzz Off
minniestubz Blvd Bruiser
stubette ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport
grandmastubz Hot Pink Car
grandpastubz F1 Racer
Tyghe (nephew) Kootenai County Sheriff (mustang)
DJ (nephew) 24 Ours
Brandon (nephew) Mazda Furai
GreyP455 (son) Armored Response Vehicle
GreyP455 (daughter) Porche 911 GT2
ScottsAdventures ’63 Corvette
ScottsAdventures ’71 Dodge Charger
ScottsAdventures Mini Challenge
maddiepost1 ’69 Ford Mustang
angandnap ’97 Corvette
epoddle not received
ourlittleplanet not received
caramoonlynn shipped
josemariel Mater
josemariel Iron Man Car


White’92 Ford Mustang
TheresGabe (Austin) Blue ’92 Ford Mustang
ErikTV365 (JZilla) not received
ErikTV365 (little Zilla) not received
TheCleverHousewife (Kelman) Gray AMC Gremlin
TheCleverHousewife (Carter) MadFast
TheCleverHousewife (Brechin) Blue AMC Gremlin
WolfPrincess027 not received
bamachick1101 Green Color Shifter
Seanaci not received
ASXL41 (Andrew) Lamborghini Reventon
Lewan726 (Ryane) ’68 Copo Camaro
TheLewans (Scarlet) Plymouth Duster
HeyThatsMike Datsun Bluebird 510
HeyThatsHolly Mini Cooper S Cabrio

If you want to participate let me know you’re sending a car and I will add you to the list. You can also sponsor one of the news cars I purchased for the event.