Create A Life Plan

48 Days to The Work You Love: Day 6

Job, Career or Vocation

A job is what you do on any given day.  A Career is made of a series of job in an industry or line of work.  A vocation is a lifelong journey to create a legacy.  It is your calling in life.  The obvious goal for a life plan is to discover your vocation.  This chapter reminded me of a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek.  I’ll let him do the talking. A job is what you do. Career is how you do it. Vocation is why you do it.

Start With Why.

Chapter 3 Questions

1. In today’s rapidly changing work environment, is it realistic to expect a job to provide more than just a paycheck?

I haven’t believed this for myself up until now and I’m trying to get to that point. I think the trick is to identify what you want to accomplish first. If all I’m looking to accomplish is making money then that is what I will do. My fear is that if I don’t focus on the money I’ll be a “starving artist”.

2. Have you ever had a sense of calling in your life? How did you hear that calling?

I’ve had a sense of calling to promote families and fatherhood. I don’t like to see dads who spend little or no time with their family. Men who don’t play catch, go camping or even wrestle with their children. I find myself being a victim of this social change in manhood and fathers and feel the desire to combat it and promote being an active and involved husband and father.

I have also felt the need to help other people discover the right line of work. I think I have a knack for finding work and landing jobs and I could see myself helping people.

3. Does God call only a few people?

No. I think we are all called to do something but only a few answer the call.

4. Is it reasonable to expect our work to be part of the fulfillment of our calling?

Yes. It might not be 100% necessary but I think it will accelerate and enhance our calling.

5. Do you currently have a job, a career, or a vocation?

I have a job for 3 more weeks. I am trying to establish a vocation and a career to support that vocation.

6. What does success mean for you this year?

This year is a big year for me. I will be without a job for the first time as an adult. To me success is knowing at the end of this year that I am on the path to never having a job again. I would like to completely replace my income, find balance with my health, family, personal development and spirituality as well. I have set out a list of things I want to do this year and I plan to do them.

7. Are you where you thought you’d be at this stage of life?

Pretty much. I didn’t know for sure where I would be but I’m mostly satisfied with life to this point.

8. Do you go home at night with a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment?

Not really. I feel like I’m being pulled in a million directions and struggle to focus on any one thing because I can’t decide where to put my effort so I end up wasting time.

9. If you want different results next year, what will you change in what you are doing now?

I am going to embrace who I am and determine a path that fits me and learn to say no to opportunities that don’t line up with my purpose. I am going to dedicate time daily to create and learn.