Disneyland Without Kids

Mommy Stubz and I got away from the kids for a short trip to Disneyland. My sister over at cleverhousewife.com had two extra tickets so we got some babysitters and went on our own. We’ve been twice with little kids which is a ton of fun but you don’t get to go on a lot of the rides or you have to take turns. So it was fun to be carefree and not worry about keeping a baby and toddler happy.

We’ll go again with all the kids in the near future so look forward to that vlog. In the meantime I made an interactive video where you can experience 5 of the rides with us. Have you been to Disneyland when was the last time you went? What is your favorite ride and best memory of Disneyland?

Since I always like to put multiple videos in my posts…here is a video from the last time we went to disneyland when Sarah was about 8 months pregnant with Stubbette.

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  1. We’ve talked about doing this but haven’t taken the leap. How long were you gone for? I’m sure if we lived closer we’d get season passes and take a lot of date nights there. I LOVE Disneyland!

    1. We were gone for 2 days and one night. We flew out at 10am and got back around 9:30pm the next day. It was a really fast trip and the park tickets were given to us. The most expensive part was the flight.

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