Do What You Enjoy

… and Mondays will be the best day of the week!

If you aren’t working on something that you enjoy there is a good chance you aren’t giving it your all. You are likely spending energy thinking about what you would rather be doing. When I do what I enjoy regardless of any other external benefits or rewards I do my best work.  I always intend to do my best but intentions are just that.

I am still learning to say no to things that I don’t enjoy. I am a “yes man”.  I have been trained all my life to fall in line and do as I’m asked.  I jump on nearly every opportunity that comes my way when people seem to need me or my specific skill set.  I don’t think this is a bad thing necessarily but recently I have discovered that I can’t please everyone.  It isn’t healthy to average 2-4 hrs of sleep per night.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because this weekend I started reading a book called Choose Yourself!. It is about how you shouldn’t depend on others to choose you.  I’m only a couple chapters in so it is too early to judge or recommend. One thing I don’t like is the foul language. There isn’t a ton but I’m noticing a lot more non-fiction/self help books are trying to be edgy and authentic by swearing. I don’t get it.  What I have read so far has made me think about how I have been living in chaos. I’m letting life happen to me rather than living it how I want. It is a constant battle. Quitting the day job was a big step for me but unless I can be extremely focused and on top of my actions each day I will end up failing at my attempt to make a living for myself.  For example, in the process of writing these three paragraphs I have been to facebook and twitter a few times and ate a salad! FOCUS!

What I really wanted to share was that I’m working on a music video for a song I finished last week.  I started making the song several months ago but then I thought it was a little silly and couldn’t come up with great lyrics.  What I had was super catchy though and Sarah and I would sing it at random moments.  I really enjoyed making the mormon daddy style song and video so I knew this was something I wanted to do but I had and still have doubts about whether it will be any good.  Last week I finally said I had to do it.  I was out for a jog and some ideas for the song and video came to me.  Right then I started to go with it and pulled up the old Garage Band project and began to work on it.  I got Princess Purple to provide backup vocals and I hope the final product makes you LOL and maybe even ROTFL.

So here is a short clip of the song.

I expect to have the music video done by Wednesday.  I will likely send another email when it goes up to be sure you don’t miss it.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!