Facebook Spam – Hi {RAND} – junfunrun.com

I got two identical messages from two mutually exclusive friends today. The message subject for each message is Hi {RAND} and within the body of the message there is a link to junfunrun.com I googled both of these and can’t find anything on the interwebs talking about this message so it must be new. I visited junfunrun.com (not by clicking on the link) and The page says “Lucky” and there is a youtube video embedded on a white page. I am not going to bother playing the video but it is apparent these friends didn’t intend to send this link. So I’m not sure yet if there was a virus associated with this or not. If you get this message just delete and let your friend know their account may have been compromised.

Update: Definitely don’t click on the link you risk having your account compromised.  I think facebook has cleaned their database of these links so you shouldn’t be seeing these now. Just as a word of caution if he have any doubt a message from a friend is legit then contact them first to see if they really sent it.  This goes for regular email too.