Fathers and Sons Campout Flyer

I was given the assignment to create a flyer for an upcoming activity at church.  I decided I would give it a good effort, throw in some humor and practice some marketing and design skills.

fathers and sons flyerWould this flyer make you want to participate in the activity?

3 Replies to “Fathers and Sons Campout Flyer”

  1. I think it is effective and clever. Kind of Norman Rockwell-ish. But for some sick reason, SNL Canteen Boy came to mind.

  2. I question what audience is being targeted. Is this a flyer intended to have the fathers want to take their sons, or to get the sons to want to go? It seems like a bit of a gamble, since the fathers whose sons are not asking may not identify with the concept presented by the flyer.

    The reference to Wii bowling is also a bit obscure. If the son is known to the father as having a penchant for the game, this may be a cultural reference that has some significance. If not, it has little meaning, and may even call up some negative associations with both video games, ans bowling in general. (Potential thought in the fathers’ minds, “all I have to offer is that its better than the video game version of something you do when you can’t come up with a real date?”
    Now, I am not in the target audience, as I am single, and live in a different area of the country. The flyer may resonate with those in AZ. I really don’t have the experiential base to tell. That being said, if it were here in CO, I would not be induced by the flyer to go on the outing. I would likely go in spite of it. (I like camping…)

  3. It is history and politics, it is theology and psychology, it justifies violence and war, it embodies the Oedipal struggle between fathers and sons, and it can equally be used to argue against heroism and sacrifice, and even against God. …

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