Financial Summary: Oct-Dec 2012

chump-moneyI’m way behind on this post! Leave a comment if you would like to see these statements monthly.

I mentioned in my September statement that I am tracking 5 key stats for my side business income.  This does not include income from my full-time job. Pageviews are actually the total of monetized views from all websites, youtube channels that I operate. Salary usually ends up being from expenses that aren’t related to business usually because my paypal account is tied to my business checking account.  Also, if clients pay me with check it is easier to deposit in our personal checking since my business account is an online bank.

Oct-Dec 2012

Net Profits: -$396.68

Salary: $232.16

Pageviews: 73140

Subscribers: 3759


Net Profits

Freelance Work: $609.82

Ad Revenue: $615.78

Interest:  $0.88

Affiliate Revenue: $0

Expsenses: -$1623.16


twitter: 597

facebook: 216

youtube: 2925

blog(s): 21



I lost money in the last 3 months of 2012? Oh no! Okay, what happened? A couple things. I started outsourcing some of my freelance work! That was a big expense for me especially because I had to purchase some software for the person I’m outsourcing to. Then I didn’t bill one of my clients until January for work done for November and December, so the numbers don’t reflect what happened very well.  You will notice my ad revenue was much better.  A big success in November was the Mormon Daddy Style video.  From that video I got a lot of views on my other videos, more subscribers and more Facebook fans.  The video itself wasn’t monetized due to copyright on the music. My net profit doesn’t reflect it but Nov-Dec were big months for the growth of my business. I am learning to outsource and manage another person’s work and I successfully made a parody music video that went semi viral!

I suppose I should set some goals for January.  Ha! There are only 2 weeks left.  I already know I’m going to do much better with freelance work. My goal there is $2K.  My ad revenue is from previous month so I already know what that is and I think it was between $200-300.  Expenses are probably around $420.  Let’s see if I can get $1800 in net profits.  I’m hoping to hit 600 twitter followers,  225 Facebook fans, and 3000 YouTube subscribers!

Let me know if you have any questions about these numbers. I am always open to your feedback and advise. My goal is that this helps some of you and that some of you can help me move to the next level.

Enjoy a video of me falling asleep in the baby crib.