Finishing Stamp (Hanko Stamp)

I have been following AShow by Ze Frank. Any of you watch it? Ze is a vlogging pioneer. He did a daily show back in 2006 before the YouTube partner craze and he didn’t even host his videos on YouTube. I wasn’t a viewer back then but I was definitely aware of and had played around on his website a few times.

Anyway, his shows are all about community projects. Most of the project have no real point other than amusement. What I like about it is that rather than just mindlessly watching a video you are encouraged to be creative and participate in something! What a novel concept! I would love to build a community like his. A couple months ago he launched a kickstarter campaign to relaunch his show after a hiatus of several years. His campaign was a huge success likely because he is an internet legend. He raised nearly $150K!!!

One of the projects is to make a 1″ x 1″ rubber stamp that represents you. Then you get a 3×3 card and collect 8 stamps from other viewers. I would love to do this with those of you who are interested because I know you better and it would mean more. Here is how it works.

Step 1

Make your stamp. (tutorial linked)

I made mine this weekend.

I used a Pink Pearl eraser and cut it down to a 1 inch square then designed my stamp. I used my octonerd logo

as my inspiration.  The octopus tentacle represents me because of my tendency to multitask and do too many things at once. I forgot the fact that the stamp needs to be the reverse of the image. Not that it matters. The results…

Step 2

Send a picture of your stamp to and get a stamp card.

Step 3

Start collecting stamps from other people who made stamps until you’ve filled your card.

Are you in?  The stamp can become your own little trademark. I know I will put mine on every letter I send out.


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