Fall Break Fun Crafts and Activities With Kids!

I can’t wait to have a whole week with my children! I love having them home and not being  held to the normal daily school schedule! Of course our days off go much more smoothly if I have a couple of things planned each day, and it is a special time we have together  to create memories. So I’ve  compiled a go-to list of things to do during this Fall break. We are going to have a blast! How about you?

Edible Chocolate Playdough

(Mrs. Spiffy)

Look at those smiles… I think they like it!

Paper Poppy all Art

(from Tonya Staab)

We love to paint and create – I’m thinking we’ll go for fall colors. I can’t wait to see how each child configure’s their masterpiece.

Pudding Paint

(our growing family)

Yes, I think all kids will approve!

Pom Pom Poppers 

(come together kids)

This will be a blast to do this as a family and make a little war of it!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

(mom’s crafty space)

This is always a winner at our house! Send the kids our for hours and the sidewalks are covered in rainbows, tracks, roads, and whatever else they come up with.

Firefly Pop Bottle Craft

(crafts for all seasons)

Cute – and we will have to plan an outing to get a bottle of soda for each child. A soda and a cool craft…That’s a great day in my book!

Haunted House Cereal Box Craft

(Ucreate with kids)

Remember when creating something out of a cardboard box was so magical? I do! Halloween is coming!

Hot Glue Spiders or Snowflakes

(play at home mom)

This will be a fun little project that they get to draw their own picture and then copy in glue. Then they can play with it when its dry or paint and modge podge some decorations on.

Recycled Mini Bi-plane 


this may be a nap time project for me and the older kids

Make a scarecrow

image from norcalblogs.com

We do this every year. Just take some old clothes and stuff with newspaper. Use safety pins to hold shirts,pants, and gloves together and add a plastic jack-o-lantern for the head, topped with an old hat. Its a lot of fun and an easy, big decoration for the doorstep. Our neighbors all think its pretty great 😉

Make Your Own Jack-o-Lantern Sugar Cookies


This was by far our favorite baking we did last year for halloween!

Of course there will be plenty of walks, bike rides, park visits, marshmallow roasting, sleeping under the stars, baking, card playing, movie watching, etc. Hmmm – one week is just not going to be long enough!!!