Hot Wheels Race Track Update

I have big plans for the Hot Wheels Tournament track. My goal is to have some exciting races and wow factor when you see the track. … Continue reading >Hot Wheels Race Track Update

First of all, we got 5 cars from viewers in the mail yesterday!  Thanks to scottsadventures and GreyP455 for sending in your cars.  You rock! If you haven’t yet, send in your own car or sponsor one.

This weekend I spent some time trying to figure out the best way to do the track.  I purchased 20 ft of single-lane track from Wal-Mart and my original plan was to have the track start on a 6ft board that Stubz Jr. already uses as a track then attach 8-inch wide cardboard sections (cereal boxes seem to work fine).  I knew I wanted the track to be long to give enough time in each race for possible lead changes.

I turned to Google and YouTube to find ideas.  I came across a video of a Hot Wheels club in Ohio (I never knew such a thing existed until TheresGabe told me he used to be in a club in Utah) and they had a cool track that was black and curved and allowed for some interesting races.  I did some more research and found that the track was made in the 70’s by Hot Wheels and was called a Sizzlers Fat Track.  So I looked on ebay and found some and it should get here any day.

This track will connect to 3 lanes of my current track and will be the first 16ft of the race track.  With the help of some nephews, I plan to create a really long track either at my house or a park with a big hill.  I am including a few videos that are my inspiration for my EPIC track.

PS – I want to get my hands on a car with a camera so I can get some cool footage for the video. They are $30 on amazon. Should I do it?

Most of my track might end up like this.