Hot Wheels Racing Tournament

Get ready for our first YouTube Hot Wheels Challenge. You can send a car to us or we’ll purchase one for you. Details. … Continue reading >Hot Wheels Racing Tournament

Race Details

Online Hot Wheels Racing Tournament!  Everyone sends in a car to enter the race.  I will set up a tournament bracket and race cars head to head until we find the fastest car.  The winner gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  Deadline for entries is April 20th.  April 21st I will post the bracket and give everyone a week to fill out their bracket.  April 27th I will post a series of videos until the winner is declared.

Don’t want to mail in a car for the hot wheels challenge but still want to participate?  Sponsor one of the hot wheels cars we purchased for this event. If you have a specific request leave a comment.  After you checkout I’ll email you to coordinate the specifics for your entry.  This is going to be awesome!!!

Want to send your own car?  Act fast so you don’t miss the fun.

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12 Replies to “Hot Wheels Racing Tournament”

  1. I didn’t care for the color options. If possible, I’d like a Hot Pink car. If not, then I’ll take red. Dad would like Gold, but he’ll settle for silver. Thanks, and “May the odds be always in your (my) favor.” (quote from Hunger Games)

  2. Seanaci. You should be fine. I think we are up to about 6 entries.

    I added more colors. Basically, I’m just going to buy them so you’ll be limited to what I can find.

  3. Hey Micah. I talked to my wife about the tournament. Count us in for it. We are going to enter in one for myself, one for Ryane, and one for baby Scarlet. We will get our own cars and send them to you.

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