How To Get What You Want

The concept is simple yet complicated; only because the human mind is so complex. We are capable of the impossible but naturally attracted to mediocrity. It takes real effort to achieve anything. Many times all we need is a spark, a glimpse of our potential to give us hope to drive us to action. Wish you had a Magic Genie? This is as close as you will get.

Step 1: Decide What You Want

Run a marathon, Earn $1M, Learn a second language, Lose 30 lbs. The trick here is that there are endless choices of what you can do. Sometimes what we want to do is relax, coast by, watch TV, play video games, sleep, eat. We say we want to lose weight but do we want it more than that can of Dr. Pepper in our hand and bag of Doritos?

Step 2: Convince Yourself You Really Want It

List the benefits to getting what you want. What might you have to sacrifice? Do the benefits outweigh the sacrifice? How far are you willing to go to get what you want? Are you willing to lose sleep, income, free time?

Step 3: Convince Yourself You Can Get It

Picture your life with what you want. Really picture it. Believe it is possible. Believe it is real. Find examples of others who have earned what you want. Find someone who achieved your goals and did it with worse odds. If they can do it so can you.

Step 4: Determination

Recommit yourself each day to What you want, Why you want it, How you plan to do it. EVERY SINGLE DAY! Never look back. If you did the first 3 steps correctly step 4 will be much easier.

What Do I Want?

1. I want to have less than 15% body fat
2. I want to work from home with several streams of passive income.
3. I want a happy family

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