I Am The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Or so I like to believe.  I am a firm believer in having a positive self-image.  If you tell yourself something enough times it can tend to become true.  Maybe some of that “The Secret” voodoo is true.  I think most of it is true but there really isn’t a whole lot of magic to it.  We are each very powerful with unimaginable potential.  Don’t think for a second that Barack Hussein Obama is any better than you!  Or any other influential person for that matter.  People only have the power you give them.

Whenever I read or hear about people who have done great things I get an urge to become something great.  Is it just me or do we all have this internal desire to be rich, famous, powerful, accepted, loved, admired and remembered?  Here is what I think.  I know I can be better than I currently am.  I know there is something out there I can be the best at.  I know it will take hard work and dedication to become the best – let alone figure out what that thing is.  I believe it is each our life quest to discover that one thing and give it your all.  Do we all have to be rich and famous? Of course not.  We all need to use our God given gifts to improve the world around us. 

I am on the quest.  My special talents are that I can solve the rubik’s cube, my left thumb is double jointed, I can touch my nose with my tongue and my wife thinks I am a dork. Join me as I discover and use my power for awesomeness.  I Am The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.