Ideas for My Personal Development Home School

Let me just share my thoughts from today. I welcome your feedback.

  • I plan to organize my learning loosely into 4 semesters.  Meaning I will set solid goals for each 4 months on each of 5-6 subjects. Then evaluate new goals and subjects at the end of each “semester”
  • I will utilize as many free courses and tutorials as seems reasonable and I will avoid formal schools at all costs.
  • I am in love with Unless I find something better, I plan to use their courses for many of my subjects.
  • I will depend on my friends, family and community to help me and I will commit to helping my readers pursue their own goals.
  • I plan to test out different learning techniques, productivity aides and technologies and give thorough reviews of each.  I will look to sponsors to share their products that they think will help me reach my goals.
  • I will focus on subjects that interest me and that I find will add value to my life and to the lives of others.
  • My first goal is to learn to develop iPhone and Android apps. I will start working on this even before the official project begins because I see huge potential in this area.
  • My mantra will be to learn by doing.
  • I am considering doing a daily online journal through this blog and possibly through video and/or podcast.
  • My first semester will include: iPhone app development, Graphic Design, Guitar or Piano, Video editing and Web Development (specifically html5 and ajax).
  • I will use a semester to do something like P90x or Insanity
  • I will read tons of books (at least 2 per month).

Let me stop there for tonight so I can get some rest.  I have some thoughts on my sleep habits and am considering testing polyphasic sleep to give me more productive time.

2 Replies to “Ideas for My Personal Development Home School”

  1. Micah, this is great. I (and I think WE) am/are turing 30 this year and education/school is on my mind. But something I can’t get around in my head is the time issue. I am crazy busy with work and most of the time I feel like relaxing or just veging with any free time I have.

    1. I hear you. Formal education costs too much and isn’t very flexible. There is so much free education out there. I think some motivation will help and some techniques to free up even just 5 hours per week would get you going. Follow this blog closely because I think I can help.

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