IKEA Office Make Over

Office Makeover: BeforeOffice Before

When we originally looked at this house one of the huge perks was the great office/den. We knew it was a space we could fit my husband’s electronics and have a little creative space for me. Yet,we filled this room with a cheap old computer desk with a hutch that we had moved one too many times and was held together by L brackets. The drawer faces were coming off and we had ¬†glued and put brackets in to keep most of it together. My space was a long folding table that wiggled any time my sewing machine was going. We had a few hand me down pictures we put on the walls (which I never liked the way they were hung but didn’t want to make more holes in the walls). This room became an extended storage space from the walk in closet that it was connected to. Bills and paper work were strewn about with no home. At one point we painted a light bright blue accent wall to try to spruce things up but it just added to the lack of cohesiveness of the room. It was frustrating and became a little overwhelming to think about tackling.

But one day we got the guts to tackle it anyway, and here’s how it looks now:

Office Makeover: After


We LOVE it! It is exactly the bright, inspiring face lift we needed for our office!


Oh, did you want to know how we did it? OK, ok, no more shouting, we’ll share ūüôā

We got much of our inspiration from the Rambling Renovators. We copied the wall color and general scheme from their office. ¬†I had a difficult time finding the right IKEA furniture and shelving that fit our space and our budget. I turned to IKEA Hackers for inspiration. I knew I wanted to use the IKEA Numerar countertops as our desk and found that two 9 ft. ¬†countertops placed in a L-shape fit nicely. ¬†The countertops don’t come with legs so we matched up regular desk legs from IKEA. ¬†We also got all the lighting and decorations from IKEA. The total cost came out to be around $1,300. ¬†That was a big investment but since we use it daily for business it is worth having a nice work environment. ¬†Now if we can just keep it clean and tidy.

We went with the Besta cabinets with clear doors and found a nice fabric to place in between the glass.  We also recently discovered that we can use these doors as a white board!


Since this desk has no drawers and is open underneath we wanted to minimize the cable clutter on our floor.  I snagged a three-pack of kitchen organizer racks and screwed them to the bottom of the desk to hold surge protectors and the wireless router.


We also mounted light switches with velcro! Pretty spiffy if you ask me.IMG_5121


Oh yea, we made a timelapse video of the complete makeover.