Interesting Dieting Tips

I was reading an article on and found a couple of interesting facts related to weight loss.  You would not know by looking at me but I am the creator of an online weight loss community,  I have participated in dozens of weight loss competitions so I am always looking for tricks to increasing healthy weight loss. Here are a couple of the  tips that caught my eye.

  • Researchers at Cornell University found that people who pass through an entryway near the kitchen tend to eat 15 percent more than those who use the front door.
  • Using a food diary can double a person’s weight-loss efforts. Your food diary makes you accountable to yourself and provides you with clues on where the extra calories are sneaking in.

This is interesting because we always enter our house through the garage which opens into our kitchen!  The kitchen is pretty much the center of our house so no matter where you go you pass through it.   As for the food journal, I have heard this from a lot of sources and I agree.  I have been planning on adding a food journal feature to my website. Once I find the time and motivation.

I’m currently in a health/fitness competition right now.  Rather than being based solely on weight loss we are using a point system where you get points daily for healthy choices such as abstaining from sugar, eating at least 5 fruits/vegetables, drinking 8 glasses of water, exercising, etc.  It has been a week and things are going well.  If I kept a journal I’m sure it would help.