Internet Roundup: Facebook Crime, New Blog, 37-cent coin, Bad photoshop

  1. A woman got arrested for “poking” someone on facebook.  The recipient of the poke had a restraining order forbidding any contact.
  2. I started a new blog called Funny Mormons. It will feature humor from members of the lds church. So it will be funny for a very small percentage of the population.  Check it out. Bookmark it. Subscribe.
  3. A popular blog BoingBoing called out Ralph Lauren for an ad where the model’s body was obviously edited. I found it funny but also very sad.
  4. A young economist did a study where he computed every possible 4-coin combination to find which could produce every value between 1-100 with the least amount of coins on average. The best combination would be: The penny, 3-cent piece, 11-cent piece, 37-cent piece. So when everyone says we should get rid of the penny – it is the only one we should keep 😉