Internet Roundup – tablet concept, partisan contributions, shoe, bull

It was a mild week on the internets. Let’s see we have a cool tablet PC concept from Microsoft.  Don’t expect to see something like that in production any time soon from Microsoft and once it is available wait for service pack 3. 

Microsoft Tablet concept super-cool –

This tool allows you to visualize which political party gets money from different companies.  For example, COSTCO contributes to Democratic party while Wal-Mart (Sam’s Club) contributes to the Republican party.  Most entertainment companies are liberal as we know but what I found interesting was that banks are right leaning while credit card companies are left.  Apple = left , Dell = right.  I think it is important to know where your money is going.  In an era where lobbyists play a big role in policies and campaign budgets are on the rise – the companies you choose to support is almost as important as your vote. 

Partisan Political Contributions by Companies –

Insane shoe design –

Remind me to never go near an angry bull.  –