Let Kids Make Messes

With 4 small children our house is a constant mess. We try to keep it clean but the kids are much faster at making messes than we are at cleaning. We decided last night that if we were to find a way to keep it clean every day it would consume most of our day and we wouldn’t ever get to enjoy it. I don’t think we’re going to just let everything go and there is a balance between enjoying life and cleanliness and we haven’t found it that perfect balance yet but one thing is for sure is that sometimes it is fun to ENJOY BEING MESSY!!!!

I had the idea for this video for a while. I had been hanging out with my friend Steven and we had collaborated on a few videos. We got the families together and headed down to Sam’s Club to pick up the TP. For theatrical purposes we bought more than we actually used. I think we only ended up using one of the large packages.