5 Tips To Have Lucid Dreams

Pineal Gland or Third Eye - The epicenter of your dreams
Pineal Gland or Third Eye - The epicenter of your dreams

Sleeping and dreaming are funny concepts.  Every single day our bodies shut down for several hours while our minds run wild then we wake up and sometimes we remember the last bit of our dream but, more often than not, we have no recollection of the past 6-8 hours. That amounts to almost 1/3 of our life spent doing things we never remember.  Wouldn’t you like to remember the crazy adventures your brain goes on or, better yet, what if you could be lucid in your dreams and take more control of the events?  You could time travel, fly, teleport, be rich and famous or maybe you could even solve real life problems in your sleep.  Some people report getting extra study time the night before a big test.  Take a look at religious scriptures; plenty of heavenly revelations have come in the form of a dream.  Perhaps you’ve had visits from messengers but you are completely unaware. Deja vu is likely you recalling something from your dreams.  Here are 5 tips that might help you to take advantage of the 1/3 of the day you are unconscious.

  1. Record Your Dreams – This will help you become more aware of when you are dreaming and you can detect patterns in your dreams.  Make a habit of keeping a dream journal.  Keep a pen and notebook on your night stand and make an effort to record your dreams first thing each morning.  Better yet, those moments in the middle of the night where you wake up from a nightmare or wild dream jot down as many details as you can before falling back to sleep. I have been trying this the past two nights and it has been fun to recall my dreams and try to analyze them.  The first night I recorded a dream at 6am 6:30am and 7am.  Each one was very unique and independent although if I tie them together it would make for a funny dream.  First, I was riding on top of a car.  Act 2 I was eating a cookie and guzzling chocolate milk.  For the finale I was fending off my home from a mob of thugs and ended calling the police. 
  2. Create a Dream Cue – For some people this may be a phrase, others use the cliche act of pinching themselves.  This can be anything.  The idea is that throughout your waking day you make a habit of doing things that confirm you are in reality and the hope is that these habits will continue in your dreams.  So if you pinch yourself in your dream and don’t feel it – this will be a cue that you are dreaming.  For me, if I start flying I usually realize I’m dreaming and it is the best feeling and it makes me not want to wake up. I don’t recall the last time I flew in a dream and wish I would every night.
  3. Remind Yourself – As you lay in bed falling asleep tell yourself to remember when you are dreaming and think about your dream cues.  Tell yourself you want to have a lucid dream.  This is also a chance to influence what you are going to dream about.  If you have a specific question you would like answered or maybe you just want to relax on a beach in Hawaii. It is your fantasy land so you decide what you want.  The idea is to make a conscious effort to influence your dreaming.
  4. Take Control – Let’s say you are dreaming and you start to realize you are dreaming.  This doesn’t necessarily constitute a real lucid dream.  The next step is to take control of the dream.  Now that you realize it is a dream try experimenting with you’re imagination.  Create creatures, use super powers to fight your enemies, ask questions, time travel and explore.  This is a skill that takes practice.  I have been aware that I’m dreaming several times but it is rare to really take control and take advantage of the opportunities in your dream world.
  5. Timing– The best chance for a lucid dream is right after waking up from a dream.  Have you ever woken up from a dream that you didn’t want to end? You try your hardest to fall back asleep to continue the dream.  If you successfully re-enter your dream your chances of being lucid are dramatically increased. 

So have fun, enjoy your dreams.  Take control of nightmares and turn them into fairytales where you are the hero or heroine.  Share any interesting dreams you’ve had in the comments.  I hope to share some in the near future.