Merry Christmas – The Hiatus Ends!

After Mormon Daddy Style I had a hard time getting myself to make a video. I had so many new viewers that I didn’t want to let them all down with my average vlogs.  I wanted to come up with another parody or skit but I also got busy with another side project so I quickly found myself with less time to be creative.

In the end, I just needed to push through and get some videos out before I really got out of the habit.  I had been sitting on episode 4 of Minecraft Boy for months.  I had plans of rescuing Stubz Jr at the Grand Canyon or even finding him at Disneyland (since we went there in November anyway).  I needed to just make something happen so I did.  I had already filmed the clips with the villain, our friend from church who is a big Minecraft fan.  I just needed to come up with something to film with Stubz Jr.  It turned out alright.

I then decided I want to interview the kids about the different fun things they do so we can record their thoughts sort of like a family journal as well as document family trips and holidays.

So there…two videos in one week!