On Top of a Mountain

Saturday I completed the first item on my 2013 to do list. I climbed to the top of Squaw Peak in Phoenix. I met up with a new friend, Steven, who suggested the hike a couple weeks ago.

Hiking is an awesome experience. It was physically challenging but not overly demanding. I broke a sweat but was still able to enjoy good conversation and get to know Steven. When we reached the top we had a great view of Phoenix and the surrounding area. I look forward to climbing even more peaks.

2 Replies to “On Top of a Mountain”

  1. Nice work crossing that off your list! The views over the city look amazing. I’ve only done one urban hike in Phoenix & that was Camelback. What’s next on your hiking agenda?

    1. Thanks. I want to do Camelback but I think it is closed until the Fall. I might try and do as many of the urban peaks as I can this year. A hike I keep hearing good things about is Flat Iron. I’ll likely give that a try as well.

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