Personalized Photo Valentine’s Cards

We love to add our own little flair to our Valentine’s Cards over here…. its fun to personalize them to each of our kids’ likes and personalities. Spiffy-boy is definitely a fan of anything Star Wars (which is funny because he’s only seen bits and pieces of the actual movies) and girly-girl loved the pictures we took at a relative’s wedding reception where we held up the lips, glasses, and mustaches on a stick to make our faces look funny. Originally I wanted to get lip lollipops for hers, but I couldn’t find them at any local stores or online for a reasonable price and I didn’t want to invest that much time into making them myself. You can do a lot with Girly-girl’s card – “Kisses!.” MUAH,” “Valentine, you make me smile!,” etc. So these cards were what we came up with. I figure these don’t  take any more effort or cost than a traditional box of Valentines cards if you would have added any kind of candy to them… the glow bracelets and lips were each $1 for a package of 12 (at the dollar store),  and printing the pictures for both was $4.00.

Cute, personalized, and not too hard on the wallet sounds great for everyone!