Pley LEGO Set Rentals

A co-worker told me about a service that was like Netflix for LEGOs. You pay a monthly fee and can rent as many sets as you want but you can only have one at a time.  This appealed to me for a couple reasons.

  1. You can play with a lot of sets for potentially less money than buying them.
  2. You don’t clutter your toy box and floors with dozens of sets mixed together that never get built twice.

There are some downsides I can think of too.  My kids who don’t seem to respect their own toys have to take care of these rental sets without losing pieces. That may become stressful and more work for me to make sure they don’t get lost or mixed with our bricks.  The other thing about signing up for a service is that although you can save money, is it really saving if you weren’t spending that money on LEGOs already? We definitely aren’t spending $15/month on buying sets.  One of the reasons we don’t is because we don’t want too many toys.  You can only handle so many. I believe the kids already own too many things.  So if we’re renting we are paying for the experience but not the material that tends to become junk.  We make about 2 trips a year to Goodwill to donate toys that don’t get played with.  If we find one that we really, really like then we have the option to buy it.  Makes sense to me.

If you want to sign up for a free trial use our referral link and we’ll get a $10 credit.