Ready to Race

Our brackets are filling up. I have divided the tournament in two. One tournament for the Team Stubz YouTube community and one for family. I think this will be more fun for both groups if they know the people they are racing.  I also ordered a trophy for each bracket.  Below is a link to fill out your own bracket prediction and follow along with the results.  I think I will broadcast the race live on Saturday April 21st but that would leave only a day or two for everyone to fill out brackets.  We will see how much interest in bracket predictions there is.  Otherwise, I think there would be more interest in a live broadcast.  I know all the racers are anxious to see how their cars do.

Take a closer look at the latest bracket at
YouTube Hot Wheels Derby Bracket

Round 1

Mountain West

South West

North East

South East

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  1. Let’s do this! I can’t wait. I would love to watch a live feed. Depending on the time, I might be able to watch a broadcast.

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